How Can I Reduce Stress?

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Welcome back to the Hair Detox blog! In our last post, we began discussing some of the main causes of hair loss related to stress. Unfortunately, stress is a natural part of life from time to time. But chronic stress can take a large toll on our bodies and cause disease, illness, and conditions such as hair loss. Much of life is out of our control. However, we can choose how we respond to it and there are ways to handle stress in a healthy way.

Eight Ways to Reduce Stress

Life can be an adventure and sometimes not in the way we wish. However, with the right tools, we can find peace even when life throws us curve balls.

Get Rid of the Source

Eliminating or reducing the source of stress, especially when it is out of your control, can seem like a tough feat, but it is possible! Consider those elements of the situation that you can control and do what is in your power to eliminate them. For example, if work is unavoidably stressful, consider little ways to reduce it like meal prepping all your meals for the week, planning out your outfits, and even just going to bed on time.

Have Fun With Friends

There is nothing like a good distraction and whatever you do for fun, can provide the distraction as well as the happiness you need to combat stress. Having fun can include a variety of activities. However, we suggest whatever you decide that you do it with friends. Being reminded that you aren’t alone and simply having a good laugh can be the medicine you need to handle whatever stress is keeping you down.


Meditation isn’t just for monks sitting on a quiet mountainside monastery; it is for everyone, especially those who find them themselves in stressful situations. Meditation allows you to create space in your head, clear the static, and learn how to let stressful thoughts simply be thoughts and feel less like reality because ultimately we create our reality. Meditation apps can lead all-levels, making meditation easier. Yoga can also be a great way to meditate: it is essentially meditation in motion and can put you in the perfect mindspace for meditation.


Exercise is medicine for the body. Not only does it provide multiple health benefits, but it can also affect your mood — reduce your anxiety, increase your sense of well-being and confidence, and allow yourself the mental space to problem solve. When you exercise, your brain releases endorphins, the chemicals responsible for the “runner’s high.” If you’re feeling stressed, often

Rest & Sleep

Stress can put a lot of wear and tear on our body and we may require even more sleep to feel rested. If life is stressful, give yourself time to not only get more z’s but also rest. Resting can include sitting outside, enjoying a beverage, and some sunshine, reading a book, watching a movie, or doing something creative like painting or coloring. Giving yourself adequate downtime is necessary for your physical and mental health to both handle your stress and reduce the effects of stress.

Listen to Music

Music can transform your mood. When you’re feeling stressed, turn on some of your favorite music that will elevate your mood, provide a zen atmosphere, or be a healthy way to channel the angst of stress. If you aren’t sure what to listen to, search YouTube or other music services for playlists that will be the perfect match for your needs. If you love music, take some time to create the ultimate de-stressing playlist!

Get Mental Health Help

Life can be hard and sometimes we all need some help. A counselor is a professional that can help you manage your stress by not only providing a listening hear, but by asking questions that can help you see a new perspective. They can also give you helpful tools that can help you manage your stress in the moment and alleviate stress generally from your life.

Check in With Your Nutrition

What you put into your body affects your entire being and can actually increase or decrease your stress. If you wish to decrease your stress, focus on eating a balanced diet and even get the help of your doctor, a nutritionist, naturopath, or psychologist who can help you address your body’s needs. If you adjust what you are putting into your body, you are sure to discover that it has an effect on your entire health.

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